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Yurii Sekh

Leading designer, founder of the studio «Renovatio»

Yurii is an ambitious and talented designer, as well as the head of design studio Renovatio. He is fond of quality and seriously cares about the highlevel of design and standards of the studio. Yurii knows all about fashiontrends, he is improving himself constantly, travels a lot and attends all kinds of world exhibitions of design and architecture. The main goal is to create a unique, comfortable, functional interior, reflecting all the wishes of its customer.

Valerii Tsos

Commercial Director of design studio «Renovatio»

Renovatio has a great experience in CIS countries and South Western Asia and create the most difficult wishes of a customer.

Victoria Kadyrova

Designer, sketchmaster

Education in leading European university helped not only to form me own style, but also see things from other point of view.
Istituto Marangoni was founded in 1935, leading European university fashion and design.


Design of interior of apartments and villas

First of all the interior of flats should be functional, technological, aesthetic and eco-friendly.

We shall do for You :
1. Development of technical task, measuring, photofixation
2. Planning approach
3. Creation of design project
4. Visualization
5. Development of drawing documentation
6. Calculation of costing
7. Realization of project under control of our specialists

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Design of public interior

We take into consideration not only necessary functionality of accommodation and supposed budget, but also corporative style of the company, the importance of creation of comfortable atmosphere in accordance with technical standards.

The price includes:
1. All technological process
2. Creation of design project taking into account budget, style, standards
3. 3 D Visualization
4. Agreement with investors and management
5. Protection of project, confirmation
6. All work documentation
7. Precise control of specialists

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Design and production of furniture

Furniture that is produced special for design project accomodation will emphasize your individuality and create atmosphere of coziness and forethought of every detail.

We shall produce for You:
1. Author’s design of interior
2. Technological documents and drawings
3. Cost sheet (including material price and work)
4. Necessary object of interior

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Art deco

Art deco – ‘new classic’ is the style for those who keeps to traditions and has tendency to observe new things in design and architecture.

Successful combination of classicism and modernism, cubism and pop art can be created by including in the interior stylish furniture, fabric  and accessories made with glass and bronze.

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This type of style is for those people who appreciate harmony and comfort in best traditions of world architecture.

Combination of presentability, the finest taste and quality not only emphasize atmosphere in accommodation, but also classical space with symmetrical details.

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High Tech

Nowadays high teck is very popular thanks to its functionality, comfort and minimalism in details. The main characteristics of this style are absence of posh décor, glass and metal are often used.

This style is ideal for those who keeps his finger on the pulse and is interested in technological latest things introducing in life.

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Loft Style

This style is ideal for creative people. In this style it is easy to introduce the bravest ideas in life.

The main concept is combination of different architectural decisions. For example harmonious combination of old (walls, stairs, tubes made of brick) and something modern (metal, glass) in one style.

Only freedom loving people choose this style, people who distinguish themselves from the crowd, who long for something new and nonstandard.

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Eco style

Originally this style  was created  in order to save people who live in urban areas from stress, negative emotions. Purity of material.

Simple lines and forms are the main principles of eco style. Eco style means composition of natural so to sat primeval materials.

Wood of high quality, natural stone, glass and ceramic tiles.

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Modern style

The most actual tendencies of modern design of interior are individuality and exclusiveness, desire to be out of crowd. Eclecticism became popular; it means combination of styles, brand new and old things.

The most popular styles to combine are high tech, kitsch, modern, minimalism and others.  Design of apartments distinct in uniqueness, because there is a tendency for modern person.

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